Bald and Thankful…

The new Me…and Fair 2016 Crew…Some new ones this year…Not all in the photo, though!!!

Fair week 2016 in review: The cattle did well in the show ring and I would like to thank all the grand kids along with Erin, Chance and any one else who had a hand in showing. Also, thumbs up to all the help we had in the barn…Lexie, the boys and YES, Dee…the one I should warn you about in case crossing paths with her is in the future! Best description  is a sailor after 2 years at sea, walks into an establishment and ask for a menu; when seeing everything is seafood the descriptive nature with which she will describe her disgust!!! A pure ‘blankin’ master!!! Her goal in life is to be the speck of shit on every one’s new jeans!!! Seriously Dee, thanks for being part of our extended fair family….

Also got to meet Betsy and deliver her Mahonga Heila and his wife Sheila which she purchased with the promise of a good home. Thanks again, and if you paint them I’d like a photo, please ( received one this afternoon, T.Y.)…may give me other ideas!!!

While milking at the fair and tending the cows in the barn, we have had many great conversations with fairgoers who seem very interested in the farmer side, so we got some business cards printed up with the blog web sight, encouraging them to follow and ask questions via e-mail or 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, Eagle Bridge, NY 12057 and we’ll try to answer or put info out there so they get answers!

Jon and Maria also stopped by to see our display, chat a wile and set a time for a night out next week, before they go to the city to see the new granddaughter!!! While he is there he will get some photos on his phone so, with Carol, they can sit swapping grand child photos!!! It is happening Jon, I see the gleam in your eye… CONGRATULATIONS Grandpa!!!

Lastly, they did it…I’m now semi-shaven with no hair on my head; between Dee and her jack knife and Maggie with the cow clippers (but mostly Carol’s encouragement of crisp $5 bills, which was the only real hard thing for me to take), the beard and hair will grow back…possibly longer and grubbier..but $5? I was thinking by now my worth is at least a $20!!!

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