Pouring-milk-from-white-plastic-bottle-into-glassFrom the latest dairy forecast, as in the past, Mother Nature does more in  raising prices than anything. Drought seems to be our best friend in raising prices this time. While at the same time, the numbers show, due to smaller feed supplies and more animals are heading to slaughter, sending those prices to five year lows! Dairy replacements in New York are the lowest in the nation, which sometimes works in reverse, by larger dairies adding more cows to offset low milk prices!!

With 6% of the farms in the northeast producing 49% of the milk this causes what I call, the monopoly effect; where a few control the outcome for many! In our new world of accountability, it makes me sad to say a big part of low milk prices is a ‘you’ problem.

Controlling milk supply to,in turn, control prices isn’t going to be done by theFarm Bill’s Margin Protection Program for Dairy or any Senator, Congressman, secretary of Ag or even a president! Ever hear ‘ if you want anything done and done right, do it yourself?’

I am proud to have been born, raised and lived my whole life as a dairy farmer, while I am also sick of pussy footin’ around. More milk is not the answer!!! Not now, next week or even next year! If  you’re able to make it through these lower and longer price swings, you have the ability…we all have the ability!

First, like any one who is addicted, face the problem…more milk is not the answer… With all the capital spent for ‘experts’ to find ways to increase x#pounds per cow vs. a 2% cut in  production nation wide, which would be the bigger winner at the end of the day? Do the math…

Confused is my word of choice when thinking that such a good, hard working bunch of individuals lets themselves be used; while if they worked as one, how powerful they would be!!!

Milk is milk is milk. The truck that takes it from your tank or mine only wants clean, wholesome milk; doesn’t matter how it is produced…Parlor or tie-stall, big or small, purebred or grade animals, brown, black, white or red, milk at noon or midnight doesn’t matter. Just cool it fast and keep it clean!

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