My Farmer and Me — ‘Til Next Year…

fair 201614035001_312144105805518_3130623801947393126_nBoy, that week flew by…Cows back home, show-box cleaned out and put away, all the goodies brought up to decorate our own little corner of the fair are all at rest along with all of us…

I  remember when the fair was the one big event of the summer that we all, big and little, young and old(er) looked forward to and prepared for during the school break. Well, not much has changed; it has been more or less passed on to the next generation who look forward to it the same way Ed and I used to. A lot of work, but worth it. The smiles on the kid’s faces, a sense of accomplishment for every one involved.

The best part of this year’s fair was that Ed got to enjoy it more than he has in the last few years, and was able to go up every day (except one) and check out the goings on. Of course the milking and chores still had to be done at home, so we would go up in the early afternoon and return home around 6. Sort of a ‘part time vacation’, if you will.

As is told in Ed’s “Bald and Thankful” post, a good time was had and new friends made, some returned from last year (I talked to Amber in Alaska via Lexie, which was very nice) and some memorable moments shared with some of our family and these people who hopped right in and helped with whatever need to be done; free hair cuts, etc…

So next on our agenda is to get more hay…some fourth cutting…I should get some barn painting done…then on to chopping corn, which will take a good share of the next few weeks.  Need to get firewood for the winter, also.

The summer has been a good one, despite a flooded garden and a few other minor problems. On to the next page in our book of farm life. Never a dull moment, but am already looking forward to next August and the 2017 Washington County Fair. Lets not get too distracted from the important things…Ha!Ha!

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