Cow Selfie…

1388Checking out the baby...2516_299513693735226_3898741482741474785_nWhile closing the doors after milking this morning, I noticed a lady jogging by the free stall come to an abrupt stop. Taking out her phone she turned her back to the cows eating at the bunk, put on a smile and took a selfie, I guess wishing for a cow background! As she checked the photo, must be the cows weren’t quite right, she came over closer and took another.

That one must have been a Picasso, as she nodded her head with a smile, resuming her run…

Oh, what you see when looking up and not gazing into a hand held device. If only my head could pop out photos!!!

One Comment

  1. The whole selfie phenomena has be baffled. “Here am I with cows behind me.” Duh, I don’t get it. But I suppose it’s to each their own. No harm.



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