Night Out…Exhilarating!

1414Black Vultures1831_316982418655020_6962265282745645674_nBlack Vultures

Had vittles at the Bog with Jon and Maria last night. Great time with such wonderful people! Their encouraging us to start a Blog and me to expand my ‘art’ has been very exhilarating, to say the least. Having someone who doesn’t have a pony in the race be so committed to your success was unheard of until meeting these two! We talk very openly and free on all subjects.

One such lighthearted conversation was about how I can castrate certain animals, such as cats! It seems years ago, a neighbor had a nasty male cat who ravaged the house and would run away for days at a time. About 3 months or so after the neighbor complained to me about her cat, I ran into her at a community event and she asked me why he would come home one day after being gone for several as before, but this time he was not a ‘holy terror’ and had turned into a nice cat? She thought being a farmer with lots of animals I might have an answer.

I told her the old ‘animals grow up; he must be out of his teenage stage’ story, while as Paul Harvey knows, there was a rest of the story…That G.D. cat would come to the farm and terrorize the barn cats so bad that they would lose their hair and scratch themselves hoping he’d think their ass was already whupped>>> So devising a plan to leave our garage door half open with plenty of food and the smell of our cats in there, I hoped he would take the bait! Jackpot!!!

Luckily, while walking by I was able to shut the door and trap him inside! Entering the garage through the house, with a sharp jack knife and horse blanket, that fur ball became two stones lighter and a hell of a lot nicer!!! Only regret was if I had known whose damned claws were so sharp, the other pocket would have contained tin snips!!!!

Now that is the rest of the story; hopefully my neighbor never hears!!!


  1. Funny story, Ed! Decades ago I lived in a farming area where everybody let cats wander loose to control rodents. One particular tomcat was making my cats’ lives miserable. After treating many a fight abscess I finally trapped that tom and castrated him. ……. Fast forward a few years. I was chatting with a neighbor down the street and saw that tomcat sitting behind the house. I noted how healthy the cat looked and the owner beamed with pride. Said that a few years ago the car was always beat up and was seldom home, but now that he sowed his wild oats, he’s become an affectionate house cat. Oh brother, I thought. I threw his wild oats into the trashcan!



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