I Was Thinking…

100_0089Another blast from the past…Kaylah at the fair, oh, probably 10 years ago…

With the fair just having ended I felt inclined to do some Monday morning quarter-backing on possible Ag related ventures for perhaps next year?! My first would be the old south end of a north bound skunk change. With the barns built the way they are it would be hard, but possible, small scale in a tent: give people a look from the other end with education in mind showing feed and water intake for. For example, 5 gallon pails of water showing how much an average cow drinks in a day!

Run this tent with farmers, 4-Hers and FFA members conversing with the public; maybe a milk sampling of 1 and 2 % vs whole milk.May also want beef cattle included, with taste testing of local beef…burger style. With this county fair being 3rd largest and #1 in Agriculture in N.Y., even if it has to done near cows and Ag Center, it should focus on food stuffs grown local, with taste testing in mind like The Cheese Lady and the ice cream give-a-way by Stewarts.Taste testing with fluid milk sales dropped below 30%, can’t hurt.

On a positive note, putting prices on machinery was very good start, now lets put up milk prices to farmers vs store prices for milk over time. Costs for electric, taxes, milking equipment, feeds, buildings and on and on… Possibly give farms a chance to incorporate in their displays or a 4-H or FFA protest by the Ag Center.

Okay, maybe a bit much but remember, nothings needs reforming more than other people’s habits, especially their eating habits!!!

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