More Water…

Up and Running!
Anyone that follows, knows  any chance I get to jump on my soapbox about water, I will take it. So a thanks goes to John Greenwood…who owes me a visit,Ho Hum…asking me how much water cows drink in a day, in regard to a recent post!
First, not elephants or hippos have the highest daily water  requirements, per pound of body weight…the modern dairy cow does! A milking cow drinks 30 to 50 gallons per day, which may double with heat stress!
On a pounds basis per day…with water weighing a little over 8 lbs per gallon…a milk cow  should consume 420 or more pounds of water daily! This equates out to water being over 85% of cow’s total nutrient intake in their ration!
Just think, I have only around 100 head of cattle with only 40 some being milk cows and clean, fresh water is numero uno!
Thanks again John, for helping show how important water is for life via the cow that can take this water , add grass to produce milk we can use to drink or make products such as cheese with; it can be stored to eat over time and cows also reproduce fairly easy, so in numbers are also a bigger food source!
Sounds to me like plenty of fresh water and grass, along with a couple of cows in a pinch, you could survive!!  Now that isn’t a bad thing! Besides, a goal without a plan is a dream.

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