Mother Nature Cooperating…

1326855Pink Sky2_269758953377367_4094711876597900620_oPink Sky at Night…

Weather looks favorable these next few days to get as much third and fourth cuttings of hay in before it will be time to jump into chopping corn. With this in mind, Carol and I switched jobs; she took over mowing after the field was opened up, giving me the chance to do routine maintenance along with grease and oil up the tedder and rake ( they haven’t been used since before the fair).

After a complete once over which included two tubes of grease, a small amount of gear oil two rake teeth and changing a flat tire, it was my turn to drive Carol’s little Blue with the radio and AC, not like those big greens with radios that no longer work and air that needs a re-charge… I just wish there had been a ballgame on but good old rock’n’roll had to suffice!

All the hay that needed to, got tedded out so asd to dry better. Also, that field of oats on the hill that overlooks Vt. has been mowed for 3 days so went and raked it, so maybe tomorrow it will be ready to bale! As talked about in the video, oats have turned to that nice golden color…will get pictures…and could hear the crackle and pop as they were rolled up by the rake! Noticed all the oats had fallen out onto the ground, so if we get a rain with in about a week, they will germinate and grow. With oats liking cooler weather they could grow well into fall…deer munchies…

More tomorrow when, with one more small field of hay in this area to mow, we may add baling to more tedding and raking…

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