1420Sarge3343_317828865237042_6807009944594792937_nEd, Scott and Sarge (yes, the truck)

Scott Carrino came over with his Beast, the old Army truck he calls Sarge, looking for stones to repair road damage done at Pompanuck by one of the last storms that went through. So, everyone knows I am diabetic BUT they run a bakery up there, which in turn means barter time…

So after some good conversation with Scott, the Holy Graille fell into my lap when he also asked if I might have some mulch hay!

Wow, not only can this get me an apple pie, it may also get a pumpkin one too. Hot damn, not only is Mother Nature helping milk prices, it is going to make me cheat on my sugar intake! I know; get the pies a week apart so I can cheat a little each day, cause in nature, we know there are neither rewards or punishments. Only consequences!


  1. The apple pie will be baked and delivered this week! And the pumpkin pie next! It was great to visit with you both and have some talking time. Thanks for the Rock and mulch. It was a big help…



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