My Farmer and Me–A problem…Fixed!

What started out as a good day has taken a turn…the motor on the elevator decided to quit and as I am writing this MY Farmer is trying to fix / replace it.. fingers crossed. Too much hay waiting to be baled to have this happen. Need the wagon. Hoping for the best!

Well, we are good…our son Jeremy came to our rescue. Helped his Dad get one on and working so we finished that load and I am off to rake so Ed can bale…All in all, a better day all the way around. Thank you Jer.

One Comment

  1. Oh, this was so fun to see. I haven’t lived on a farm in over 44 years, but this is exactly how we unloaded our hay bales and sent them up to the hay mow. Even the sound of the elevator was fun to hear again, although yours on this day has a squeal going on that I don’t remember in ours. I wonder if that was the motor saying, “help me.” I hope you get that fixed or replaced fast.
    Every once in awhile, if you didn’t get the bale set on the conveyor just right, it would fall off part way up. Also, if you were up in the hay mow stacking bales, you had to watch for the bales coming off the end of the conveyor. Look out below!
    Oh, the memories. Usually, cousins were over to help with getting the racks unloaded and the bales stacked in the hay mow. It would be hot work, of course, so when we finished for the day, we would have a water fight with buckets of water. Getting drenched felt pretty good after moving bales all day.



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