I Now Know the Time…

Hello Moon!!!1418moon3789_319692261717369_1221609933013430950_nWith schools in neighboring Vt. already in session and N.Y. due to start today, there are times during the day when I know what time it really is! Problem being, it also reminds me that there is very little time left before chore time so better get a hustle on.
Few years back might even have thought how nice it would be to be back in school! How do they say it today? “been there, done that” or just a plain NO>

I don’t think living in a ‘trophy for every one’ world, where the idea of no one gets left behind while we hold others back and teaching math that doesn’t care if you got the right answer, only if it is done THE WAY…

Maybe I am the airhead but some people work with their hands, others with their heads and we need both as equals, working in partnership; in a world where the desire to earn that trophy should be the mindset, NOT you deserve one1

Give me lots of history, every shop class and internships in everything from a sanitation worker to a lawyer! Then cancel all homework. Instead, volunteers to clean up cemeteries, parks, help older people of the area, along with trading hand held device time to go spend with a vet!

Lastly, lets stop keeping score in school sports. Who are we kidding putting this kind of pressure on kids? Mom and Dad, you still want to be a pro, go for it. Let the kids have some kid time…High rates in youth suicide, depression, eating disorders, drugs :just the things kids do today to escape!!!

To me education is what is left over after you’ve forgotten the facts! Along with those teachers whose names you still remember! Impression made—Mission ¬†Accomplished!


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