My Farmer and Me–Lady has Diabetes

Been noticing Lady seemed to be a bit incontinent and drinking a lot of water, so took her to our Vet, Jack. He tested her blood glucose level and it was 640. So yesterday he had her join them at the office so he could get her regulated and hopefully feeling better, although besides the drinking and peeing she didn’t act sick.

Lost our other Cocker Spaniel in February, so getting this taken care of was upper most in my mind. The Aussies knew she wasn’t here yesterday, but how overjoyed they were when I brought her home later in the day. So happy to see her. Can’t help but wonder what they were thinking when I drove away in the morning to deliver her to Jack’s…

With some time and insulin, she should be okay. Thank goodness…


  1. I hope with care, Lady will have a lot of good years left. We had a rat terrier that was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 7. I gave her two insulin shots a day for seven years. It is a commitment, but it was worth it to have her that much longer. She did go blind, but she got along okay. I didn’t move the furniture on her much, so as not to confuse her. She knew where things were. In the end, she started having seizures and I knew it was time to let her go. The problem was, it was the week of Christmas when I knew it was time. I wanted to wait and have it done after Christmas. But on the 23rd of December, she had another seizure and passed away during it. If I could do it over again for her, I am trying to decide if I would have done any different. It was very hard to watch, but she passed away at home with my son petting her instead of lying alone on a cold vet’s table. Still, I maybe should not have been selfish. I knew she was really bad and her quality of life was pretty much nonexistent by this time. I just wanted to wait until after Christmas. Cindy Lou couldn’t wait. I just hope she didn’t suffer too much. From the start of that last seizure to her death was less than twenty minutes. She was 14. Still miss her. She was a good dog.
    Good luck with your Lady. I hope she will respond well to the insulin and live many more quality years.



  2. I had a dog who lived for three years with a daily insulin shot as well as regulated eating times. I hope Lady has many good years left!



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