zita14184390_319691421717453_6296574524546199198_nWhile checking out a project on the front of the house I took time to brush the dust and grime from that small headstone that resides there! A simple stone about 1’x 2′ and 4″ thick, made of red granite with praying hands on one side and just her name, Zita F. Noyes with her birth date Jan3, 1926 and death Sept. 19, 1981! Zita, one of two aunts on my mother’s side, was the one like all families have! She was the one every one gossiped about.

From what I remember, you see being the youngest of that side of our family’s generation, all conversations seemed to be in code. Also, getting back into the daylight was very important when we visited her apartment; I remember it was painted very dark colors like near the end, everything was painted black and I think it was a dark red. When I say everything, I mean walls and furniture!

Even though Zita lived in a dark, gruesome world, she tried to help in any way she could. Rumors flew around about her lending and/or giving money out! Looking back, i wasn’t that close to her, so you could say that most things I know about her are second hand or here-say, but thru this lack of contact, Zita gave me some of the greatest memories of my life!

Zita was cremated and my mother had her ashes at the house in a simple tin container. Ever so often , when entering the house, mother would inform me Zita had moved again! For a time she would be on the bookshelf in the living room to watch TV with mother. Next, she might move out into the backroom by the fireplace so as to spend time with other family members in pictures adorning the walls and shelves there. Zita even spent time in  the kitchen; you open a cupboard to get dishes and there she was. Why? Who knows…

Zita’s  “best” came at my Mother’s funeral! You see, we have our family funerals right here at the house! On that day, after a simple service in the living room by the casket in the corner under the picture window, I informed every one through out the house that they were invited to walk with us…my brother, sister and I with our families…to the cemetery which was just down the road. First, as I was told many years before, that Zita was to in with my mother! Well..You guessed it…I couldn’t find her; not in the living room or out by the fireplace! Every one was laughing while looking for her. Finally, on top of the hutch with all the good dishes in it, there was Zita, just barely visible! Was this one last sick joke by these sisters?   Don’t know, but it sure put some real fun in that funeral!!!

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  1. Great story! So, did Zeta get to go in with your mother, or was she found too late? Maybe she is there under the headstone in your yard having the last laugh?



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