My Farmer and Me–Flooded Garden and More…

Made this video yesterday after Ed and I picked most everything and also discovered that some darned varmint had gotten to more of my pumpkins  (and tomatoes) than initially thought!

Have been picking fresh veggies daily for a while and noticed the pumpkins were getting orange and would need to be picked soon. Well, probably had a good 40 or so that had been chewed through and others that had deep claw marks! UGH! Having been flooded and in standing water for hours, the weeds had taken over but the squash and pumpkins were blossoming and growing fine. Or so I thought.

I asked Ed to help me get my 3 Big Max and a few of the pie pumpkins picked and up to my little stand. Well, discovered the pie pumpkins had been molested as well.

In the meantime, the Aussies had been digging and barking in one particular spot maybe 15 feet away, in the weeds. Ed says “Oh no, it’s a skunk” and told me to direct him through so as not to ruin anymore veggies, while all this time the dogs had something amongst the squash. I just politely told  Ed he is an Idiot and I wasn’t gonna put myself on the same playing field as the skunk, and called the dogs. Oh sure, he was in the skidsteer with that for a bit of protection!!!

Turns out it was a woodchuck, and must have a herd of them because of all the evidence. Ed thought he saw a skunk because of the white that our Grissom has around his neck (collar). All I have to say is enjoy, Chuckie. I saved the left overs for you>>>>


  1. Catbirds ate most of my Grape tomatoes, seems they taught the chipmunks too ! I had great luck with my hot peppers this year, lots put up in the freezer for winter. Really enjoyed the video of Ed & Sadie with one of your Aussies…… My Raylan turned 1 back in May, he is my second Aussie, they are the breed for me !!! Ray was born in Salem,NY exactly 1 day after I lost my first Aussie(at age 16 yrs).



  2. Had the same problem with my garden here in Ewing, NJ (outskirts of Trenton) Found out it was a raccoon and several deer who liked to have a buffet during the night. All of my Basil bit the dust in early July — Some kind of bacteria infection. By the way, how is that baby turkey??



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