Feeling Popular…

It all started earlier this week when the van from the Round House Cafe drove into the driveway with installment #1: Very tasty and may I add BIG apple pie that we are slowly but surely enjoying ! Thank you, and for anyone who has yet to try something from their Bakery or the Round House Cafe, do so now or perhaps when you are here for Jon’s Open House this fall at Bedlam Farm. Don’t forget to tell Scott or his lovely wife Lisa, I sent you!

Then earlier today, our good friend John Greenwood stopped by with gifts, very much appreciated, for our involvement in a work related, lets call it, roof wrecker saga! Our conversation, although too short, was as fulfilling as that apple pie! Looking forward to that beer as we play the part of leaf peakers in a lawn chair!

1420slacking3194_321193484900580_7052445369151692636_nThen later in the afternoon, while Harlan, a member of Kurtz Excavating, who is working out of our gravel bed, was trucking some gravel down to the area where we pile silage and this year will also put a 200′ Ag Bag full of corn silage, in a barter with my son Jeremy who manages a beef operation, (We are both hoping the extra hands help each other’s corn harvest go easier), when who should appear but Jon Katz and most importantly, Maria, my art mentor…inspiration…to drop off invitations and info cards for Jon’s Portrait Show at the Round House Cafe; an opening reception 2 – 4pm Sept 18, then running through Oct. 29! We thank Jon for letting us be victims, or I mean subjects in his show!

 Was kinda hoping for the cover of The Rolling Stone or maybe MAD magazine, both of which probably don’t even exist any more! Actually, this mug making it on any wall in a public place just shows how far humans have come…



  1. I knew I should have paid for the rights to the woodchuck story. Jon had that one on the Bedlam Farm blog before the sun went down.



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