My Farmer and Me–Slacker???

Let me say that yesterday was a day of catch-up for me…odds and ends that just don’t get done on a regular basis, so I was keeping pretty busy!  Well, Ed had come in to get a drink and I asked him if he would go over to the machinery shed and get a serial # for me. ‘Sure’ was his reply and off he went, and I was thinking he was saving me some steps. After a few minutes, 25 to be honest, I wondered what he was holding him up. I walked out to the end of the driveway where I could see the shed across the road and I found my Farmer chatting it up with John Greenwood, so thinking to myself that it was nice to visit from time to time, I went back in to finish what I was doing…

When I got back to the job that I needed the serial # for, I went back out and sure enough, they were still exchanging stories. Now, I think it was great that John had the day off from Stewart’s and Ed had the time for this visit. Good for both of them…

Then, later in the afternoon, Jon and Maria stopped by with invitations to the Portrait Show at the Round House Cafe in Cambridge and Jon said he wanted to get a photo of Ed and wasn’t going to ‘keep’ him from anything…Oh Yeah, sure. A few minutes later I went out by the freestall where Ed was preparing the pad across the road for the silage we will be getting over the next few weeks. What did I see? Yup, he was slacking again.And he was oblivious to the fact that I was getting proof of this on my iPhone!

My Farmer doesn’t take much time for the relaxing things such as these two visits, so I didn’t bust on him too much… Well, okay perhaps a bit on the three amigos…

1431slacking7599_321193528233909_5165990855554777564_nJust scared the living daylights out of the three of them when I asked what they were doing!!! I had a fun day after all…


  1. I would like to make up for lost work time by offering back a days labor on the farm, but something tells me putting two antiquated story tellers together for a day might not be very productive– work wise I mean.



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