Shifting Gears…

13912looking-down-on-the-farm-824_305785976441331_2787059959344499319_nBaled the last of the hay that was mowed a few days ago, even though it wasn’t quite ready, in anticipation that we might get some much needed rain. It turned out to be only 1 load so will use it to keep free choice at the bunk for milk cows as a supplement to the strapped pastures…also have smaller calves from this summer such as Mongo running around in small pens that need hay with their grain for proper rumen function…cows have 4 stomachs so a proper start in development is very important…setting them up for life! Yes, occasional ice cream is acceptable!

Starting the next couple of days with either Sunday or Monday as a start day, will get all corn equipment ready to go. With most of our land being gravel based, today checked corn to see how close to ideal it was. As Super Tim…a neighbor from the other end of town who as he says walks that fine line between genius and insanity…has told me, life is just mathematics, try to line up with the best percentage!

So with that in  mind, I calculated weather related delays, the age of equipment doing this many acres would cause many breakdowns, my age and that would influence productivity and length of work days!With the best corn being about 7 to 10 days away from peak, that if we start with the poorer corn which even with perfect conditions will not get much better than it is even if we do get rain,

So starting with the two strips that run next to the gravel pits, then the strip on the left going out the lane! OH. REWIND>>> best do the two strips opposite the freestall where the pile of silage goes first, then those others! With that completed, all that good corn left, some that I walked through looked to be maybe 15 feet high! Get all the good corn chopped and damn, Super Tim will be right again , I’ll be 100%… Not bad for an insane genius!

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