My Farmer and Me–A new job started…

We started corn chopping full steam ahead today. Of course, we don’t have a very big build up of steam at our age, but we do our best. Kind of more like slower but steady.

We plan to do a video of this end of season job, from the tractor chopping and from the other tractor unloading the wagons. We have 2 dump wagons (on the left) that work like a dump truck does, these save time unloading if you are set up to pile this way.The wagon that we feed the cows from just runs out a steady stream but takes longer. The tractor and chopper hook up to wagons as the other one did (2). This is the field we did today (3) across from the freestall barn where we make our pile. #4 picture is of the first load I unloaded on the area that Ed kind of prepared yesterday, adding more gravel,etc…as a base. Ed then takes the skidsteer and levels it out a bit and packs it with the tractor.

We will use this pile first, as we are going to try an Ag Bag this year and work on corn together with our son, Jeremy. He is certain his father will really like this way of storing the silage, more efficient and less waste. This one that we started today will gradually ‘cook’ while we add to it each day, and will be able to feed it out while we are filling the Ag Bag. No fuss.

So this is what we are up to for the next few weeks. Hoping for good fall weather so every thing comes together with this project.  So I am sure Ed will write about this also, but I just wanted to share what will be our project for the near future…

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  1. Thank you Carol… I always enjoy your posts…… I’m from Iowa and both of my parents grew up on a farm. So it is so interesting to actually see what goes on…. One story my Mom told me is how her Daddy in the Winter would run ropes between the house and the barn so he could get to the cows to milk and feed them…. Take Care…. Rebecca



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