My Farmer and Me–Sadie and PB…

Good Morning! Sadie finally made it to the milking parlor for her morning fix of crackers and peanut butter. Ed cleaned out and wrapped her front hoof yesterday because she gets little abscesses in it that need to be drained from time to time, so she is a bit upset with him. She spent her night out with the cows  as usual, but took her time coming in this morning and I truly believe she thinks it makes Ed feel bad for the minor surgery he performed!

Lady and the rest of the dogs, Kita, Lovey, Minnie, Putz and Grissom (who really didn’t care if he got any) all had a taste, too. Never a dull moment! Shivers was sleeping in the calf barn so he missed out…Mice and birds are better in his mind, anyway.


  1. Hope Sadie feels better soon, she has so much personality ! Love seeing all the dogs too ! Thanks for taking the time to post, the videos make my day !



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