Look What’s Happening…

The last processing plant in N.Y.C.is closing in October! Elmhurst Dairy will close its doors on October 30th, affecting 8,300 stores and 1,400 public schols in the city, along with many dairy farms across the state! Go Figure…Milk prices to farmers are at levels from the 1980’s. All those school kids , say nothing about over 8,000 stores and those people with no more than Central Park to run a family cow in>>>Plus your’re the only game in town and you can’t make enough to stay in business!!! Can only happen in the milk industry!!!

Another big story from one of my farm magazines, has a father/son team with Masters Degrees in Biology along with professors from the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, are studying how p;harmaceuticls and road salt may be major players in Chesapeake Bay water problems! The articvle states how it is very interesting researchers’ findings of sex-distorted fish are all close to populated areas, research facilities or pharmaceutical plants! How would you say it looks? Looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk; whew is is a damned skunk! Could it be the finger pointing at the farmers for all the Bay’s problems with manure run off may have been a big pile of bull?.?.

In other news, Time magazine in talking excersise, mentioned a 65 year old lady using a gallon of milk as weight  instead of buying weights or going to the gym !!! To this I;d like to add make it whole milk for the strong teeth and bones along with iron and other nut rients; plus take two gallons, one for each hand.


Last in news and notes are those cover photos in two out of three last magazine; what were they thinking? Remember a picture is worth a thousands words thing? First photo , a cow close up at national cattle show with dandruff, a poor clip job and what looked to be a partly healed injury, front and center! Next up was an ugly, long haired udder with an obvious abused teat! You are promoting milk, people; don’t want to get it from a garbage can! Lastly, a photo of a shiny, new tractor with two clean clad gents next to it; looks good in a false impression sort of way!!!


  1. Sure is too bad you cannot sell to the public in New York. I know a guy from Omaha who was visiting relatives in Albany N.Y. . He had to go to Vermont to get his milk. Like Jack La Lane said if God did not make it do not eat it.I milk 20 cows and sell to the public . I bet yoou do not buy your milk ibnn the store



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