My Farmer and Me–Chopping a Wagon Load!

We have gotten more than 3000 views on our first chopping corn video. Just amazing to us but greatly appreciated if it is indeed educating the public on farm life.

This one is basically the same as the other one, but Ed is chopping into a ‘dump’ wagon instead of a silage wagon. This kind of wagon works well when making a pile in a bunk, as it can be dumped in one place, for the most part, and then can be pushed up onto the pile and packed so it can ‘cook’.

We will make a video of that part of the process of harvesting in a day or two. The pile is actually getting built up now so won’t be long before we have Jeremy set up his ‘bagger’ that fills a 200 ft. bag with this same silage. Jeremy thinks it will be easier to feed out of in the winter and that in turn will help cut his father’s  feeding time! It also creates less spoilage and waste. Nice… Will also be nice to work together with Allison and Jeremy on filling our bag and then we will help them fill their’s. Working together is always nice. Wish all of us luck with this endeavor and perhaps throw in a good winter, too!

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