Say What…?

1429sal-ee1849_323972037956058_2436089677592335056_nPeeking in at Sal-ee…

The Fairbanks Alaska Community Good Bank handled a 25% increase in requests this summer! Parent Foundation Good Bank of Alaska, based in Anchorage, said this fiscal year ending Jun 30, they served over 100,000 people up; up from 88,000 it’s previous year!

This info came from an article in Lancaster Farming paper under a headline reading, “Alaska Prison Farm Helps Foodbank Meet Demand” Hear ye, politicians in Washington!! First you send someone to check this claim out if true why are so called experts telling me milk prices are down due to , too much milk.

I read about thousands of schools where kids go to bed hungry tonight, not knowing where their next meal will come from…. Now this Alaska the Final Frontier and food pantries can’t keep up with demand!

I have no idea who will win the election coming up in just a few weeks! What I will say to who ever it may be, take notice of that elephant in the room and stop jerking not just dairy farmers, but all farmers beef, hog, crops and all the others around, ’cause the last I knew, hungry ain’t happy with something about an army runs on it’s stomach.

With all this being said in combination of the short versions headline, “prisoners fed the hungry” although doing something during incarceration is great! Something just doesn’t sound right! Is feeding the hungry, learning a vocation?

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