As you can see in the picture below that Carol took of one of my work benches, there looks to be some metal rods, an old wrench, one old spring, which may possibly be from an early car or old buckboard, along with one horse show! One might presume just a pile of oddball junk! To which the buzzer would ring a resounding Wrong Answer… That is Vince!!!

When Carol picked up that spring while we were working in the garden the other day and held it up asking, what it might be, Vince, that vision in my head started his journey of coming to life! You see, I’ve had Vince’s right leg in the shop for a long time now! That bowed piece of rod off from that number 35 International rake torn to pieces years ago…

If welded on the proper piece, it would do justice and become Vince, and this spring was that piece…The old wrench will get cut in half with the ends becoming the hands welded onto the metal rods after they’re heated so as to be bent at the elbows into position, in order to perhaps hold an ax! Another leg will be made from what is left from the bowed right one, only this one will not have the trademarked bow!

Let’s hope that old spring can be shined up enough to weld on those arms and legs, along with a horseshoe head with a re-bar hat, so this vision in my head becomes a reality for all to see!!!!1436vince8832_323971587956103_7697562794630105665_n


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