Made My Day… Too!

dsc00341Yesterday, while bringing a load of silage down to put on the pile, I noticed Lady, our Cocker Spaniel, over by the veggie stand across the road, where she is not supposed to be and for what reason, I haven’t a clue! Not seeing her ’til the last minute was only able to pull part way off the road. As I was getting out of the tractor to get her, I noticed cars coming up the road a ways away and as I was walking back to the tractor with Lady cradled in my arms like holding a small child, those cars ¬†passed by the corner where I was parked.

As I was sitting down in the tractor and putting Lady down on the floor of the cab, one of those cars made a u-turn, heading back in my direction, with what I could see was a young lady…A very good looking young lady I might add ( I’m old, not dead!) waving her arm out the window for me to wait for some reason!

As she pulled her car to a stop in the middle of the road and jumped out, what happened next just made my day..Ah, Hell,…my whole week! When getting right over to the tractor door, she stuck her hand out, pointing at me and said, “Today I’ve been having a bad day; a really bad day but when I just saw you carrying that dog like a baby, that all changed and I want to Thank You.” With that, she turned back around to jump back in her car I heard another Thank You, to which yelled,”No, Thank you!!!”

As that young lady drove off with her hand waving thru the sunroof and her horn honkin’, I looked down at Lady in wonder, as I witnessed one more chapter in why they are called man’s best friend…


  1. Thank you to the kind lady that took the time to tell what an inspiration that simple act had on her day. Looks like it did on many others as well!



  2. It looks like Lady may have a vegetable or two in her cheeks…. Sweet puppy… She helped made another persons day… Also, hoping her medical problems are getting better…. Rebecca



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