My Farmer and Me — Dumping the Silage.

This part of the harvesting job is, for the most part, my responsibility. Ed does the chopping and I draw the wagons and unload them at the pile that has already been started a few days ago. He is showing you about the wagons and the steps to getting it emptied, as I do the video.

After we get about 7 or 8 loads dumped, Ed comes down and pushes it up onto the pile and packs it. Then it is back to the field for more.  We will try to get a video tomorrow while he is busy at it.

One Comment

  1. Fascinating,what happens with all this chopped corn? I love watching your farm. My you need to be a machine mechanic to be a farmer, who knew! Love starting my day with your blog, i enjoy it so. Thanks, Susie



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