My Farmer and Me–Thank you.

1404fair-20165611_312144102472185_6994383308510845012_nA Bejosh Thank You  for all our your support thus far on our Blog…

Recently, we have more comments than ever before on/about our Blog. A few months ago we never would have imagined our writing to be so well received by you, our readers! Because this lifestyle affords very little time for such fun endeavors that we thoroughly enjoy, I don’t always acknowledge each comment with a reply. However, we would like you to know that we read every one.

I am amazed that these two old farmers can make an impact on the general public, those who do farm and those who know nothing about what we do. Our writing gives us an outlet, a chance to go off on a tangent, or just let you in on what is happening with us, our animals and our life in general.

Thank you again for the support and interest in our lives. It means a lot to both of us.

Carol and Ed——Happy Fall!


  1. I read your blog everyday. You even inspired me to go visit the Fulton County Fair in Ohio a couple of weeks ago. I had a grand time and will go again next year.



  2. I love your blog and read everyone of them. It is amazing to learn how much work being a farmer is. Your kindness to your animals is amazing and I admire both of you for that.



  3. I grew up on a farm in southern Idaho. Dad farmed with a team of horses and brother working as hired hand. He sold milk to have some money coming in. I remember our old separeter for sure. I remember washing all of those disks. I’m thoroughly amazed at the amount of unending hard work you do.. It was a big day when electricity came to our part of Idaho, also telephones came when I was a teenager. My age? 87

    I also remember haying and stacking hay. I drove some slips loaded with hay to be stacked in the haystack as it was being built. Sometimes I drove the horse who had the job of providing the muscle to lift the load of hay to the top. Of the stack

    When I was in grammar school was a time when rabbits would start major consumption of the stacked hay. They had rabbit drives where the whole community would come out and encircle the rabbits and slaughter them. What a remembrance that was. I enjoy reading your blog



  4. I love your blog, Carol and Ed! I have read every entry that you have done since you started it. The videos are so interesting to see. Y’all do a great job and I hope you keep it up. Sending you a great big Texas thank you!



  5. I love your blog—the graphics are lovely, if this is the correct term for the colors and layout and print—love your videos, the commentary is funny and informative. I always wanted to live on a working farm, and now live in Weston, VT on a former working farm, a flatlander farmhouse, with our Icelandic sheepdog and pug. I want goats and 2 donkeys, but have no skills in such endeavors. I admire your hard work and applaud your making a living off the land, more of what this country needs! Best to you both—-



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