My Farmer and Me–Up and Running

14358up-and-running810_324858051200790_7222510756148195265_nWe are back up and running. Already got 6 loads on the pile and Ed is packing (in the background), I am waiting to unload another one and the chopper is anxious to go another round. Ed worked his magic on the chopper again; I am not surprised.

We will probably do 8 more then quit for the day. I have to do my calves and get milking parlor ready for Ed to milk by himself tonite; I have a wake to attend this evening for my cousin, who passed on Monday. Our family on my Dad’s side is growing smaller and we need to keep in touch more.  Look forward(??) to seeing some relatives I haven’t seen in a while.

Also, our daughter had back surgery on Monday and is having a lot of pain. The one positive is that the pain is at the surgery sight and not in her hip and leg/foot as before surgery, so praying with wound healing it will diminish her pain altogether!? The Dr had to manipulate nerves more than anticipated in her lower back so hopefully they will calm down soon!

But first, back to the corn field!!!

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