My Farmer and Me–Writing Class…Oh My!!

1431first-class6913_325518857801376_6866656989319490295_nFor me,this IS a new chapter. I attended my first writing class today with, shall I dare call him, Prof. Katz!!! I felt very welcomed, as all but two of us students have been taking the class for a while; some for years. I am hoping to get better at this writing thing. I really enjoy it.

Once again, I have Jon to blame; for this sudden interest came about through conversations over dinner; well, kinda one sided perhaps. He told me I should join the group, that it would be interesting to see what I could learn from it, not to mention making friends with a whole new group of people.

I truly enjoyed this first meeting with the group. All seem to be interested in what I have to say through writing. I believe I have chosen a subject that will help me understand some of the events that have occurred over the past decade+ in my life. I am hoping this writing will be kind of therapeutic for me, once I put a voice to what I was feeling at certain times when I felt I was put in situations that were emotionally draining for me.

I do not feel comfortable putting this out for everyone to read, but as I get it down on paper and with the group’s help (critique) perhaps some day it will be on the Blog.

So thank you to all of the students in the class, for making me feel welcome and that what I need to say really is important…


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