Murphy’s Law…Eddie’s Law

1436sharing8859_325911274428801_1411516663962526852_nAfter his difficult day on Saturday, I let him drive Blue….made him feel better. -( Carol.)

I’ve decided to change old Murph’s Law from the old ‘whatever can go wrong, will’, to the new and revised Eddie’s Law, which simply states, ‘every time help is needed, I’m alone!’ Now before every one gets all pissy and screams what about Carol, this here has nothing to do with her workin’ right beside me.

This, simply put, is the damned cows and machine plus people who seem to drop by looking for something that they have no intention of buying or renting. Hell, they won’t even use or take it id ya give it to ’em…these animals and people take the blame…

Case in point, Carol went to a writing class with Jon up at Pompanuk that morning, only going to be gone for 2 hours. So first, Kandy, one of the heifers that was just up to the fair and had gotten lead all over the place, was in heat in a pasture across the road. Out behind the barn over here on other side of the road is the registered Brown Swiss bull, running in a pasture where the cows are brought to him. So…with little fanfare, a halter is placed on Kandy to lead her to the bull. No problem, huh? Bull poopie! She put Eddie’s law in effect full force; without hesitation she stood flat footed, staring right at me standing in the middle of this pasture on the end of the halter, which she let me so easily place on her head and said…in cow talk with her eyes, of course… You are alone, not big enough to move me so have at it chump!

After twenty minute of tuggin’, pulling’, beggin’, pleasing’ and one big mass of blue air, totally exhausted it hit me…Stupid, go get some grain…which I did…and what do you know? There was two of us, Kandy and me, with a pail of grain headed off to visit the bull!

Now wait. Those couple of hours ain’t over yet, with silage wagons already in the new field we intended to start that day; it seemed right to get them full so we could continue shopping corn when Carol returned! I obviously didn’t think this through because a 100′ or so into the field, I started losing power. I knew from the sound  either it was a fuel filter or plugged line somewhere. Okay, did I say that this field is the farthest away from the farm where all the parts and tools are??

Yes, I have heard before that walking is good for you, but kickin’ every stone and blade of grass along the way isn’t…you can stumble and fall and look like a jerk to any one driving down the road at anytime!!!

Oh , it was only a plugged line…thank goodness Carol got home…I am still sore and embarrassed!!!




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