Does it Really Help?…

Enjoying fresh hay!

Enjoying the fruits of our Human’s labor!!

Two year’s of low milk prices with farm incomes being down over 40%. Compound this with drought conditions widespread thru out the country. Story after story in every farm publication coming off the presses o farmer quotes of being optimistic , cause we have been here before.

Followed by a photo op by some politician looking to get elected telling how farms will be given the opportunity, starting maybe in six months, to get low interest loans and more money will be funded to study how twiddly dee effects tweedly dum so as we can address the issue while in the mean time these experts will address the issue, while in the mean time these experts will free of charge tell you how to survive during this difficult time…

Bull Poop! First as of yet, I have not declared my candidate for any political office. NOTICE: I said YET and used the word Bull poop not bull shit, so as offend anyone… The way milk  is priced is wrong; too complicated to start over with two classes of milk and cost of production and no loopholes..

Also who wants loans:; idea a business needs to run in the black not red; most farms are drowning in debt now. The studies and experts stuff, I’ll save them some time: drought means lack of water which in turn means less crop that in turn means sell cows or buy feed! More debt with loans means more cows and feed with low prices kind of an OXYMORON< eh?
***The preceeding was a somewhat maybe a possibly political statement by yours truly!

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