Farm Boy Fishing…

12524371_581866008649733_1215031512001179044_nAcross from the farm runs a small brook that goes up behind our former  other place, which I recently sold to my nephew, but still use on up into the mountain. Thru the years it has curved it’s way thru our pastures, moving from one side of the ‘gully’ it runs down , thru to the other. Many a time while growing up, whether with my father or alone, I would clen dead trees and after heavy thunder storms, even piles of gravel, stones or other debris from this brook.

Quite often we would use a dozer if we had one, maybe a tractor with a bucket on it to straighten a meander… Always with the idea to make areas for the fish. Deep pools fed and emptied by swift running water always with the idea a fish could swim upstream and down, inhibited.

Also we never keep cows out of the stream; we found complete access caused less if any, damage, plus one big fact people forget: cows feed fish with droppings off their muzzle when the drink, also what they drop from the other end being such bad converters. lots of nutrients come out that end, also!

In fact, we did our own little farm study on cow feeding fish for years.. First, we’d go up the brook with an old window screen, catching a couple of 5 gallon pails of trout all sizws, of course. Then bring them back to the farm placing then in the big water tub out back of the barn, which had water running in  it all winter or  run low in hot hot summer weather…

In all the time we had fish in that tub, not a single one ever died, even though we never fed them! They ate all the different grain particles cows left in the water while drinking when leaving the barn! Was a definite perk!

Fast forward to today and you’ll find but one fishing hole any w where uyp or down that brook, with not one five gallon pail of fish. Walk that brook, you’ll find wide, slow running water with no deep holes. The brush growth along with old debris make finding the brook almost impossible in places.

But if put my foot in there to bring bask something we had thriving for years, they’s put me in jail. I am confused, isn’t it about saving Mother Earth???

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  1. We put our gold fish in the horse’s cement watering trough one summer & they got HUGE. They definitely liked their new digs & survived off whatever fell out of the horses’ mouths & the green stuff that collected around the sides & who knows what else? But, it did them good. You sure are bringing back a lot of childhood memories for me, although we didn’t have cattle, only horses.



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