Listen Here, Sonny!

1420the-three3106_321352424884686_6054320385922251465_nWent over to the Round House for the open house of Jon’s Portrait show Sunday. First, I must say it looked nice, well arranged by Maria and Scott. As for Jon, that head cold/allergy mix needs attention.

Now if it was back in the days before the ‘farm’ craze, most farms would have a box stall or two where younger calves(not babies, a bit older), not quite big enough for pasture; this box stall would be home for these calves. Unlike most other areas in the barn, box stalls didn’t get cleaned daily, instead more bedding was thrown in about every day, so they were clean and dry.

The result was a well packed, I mean break fork hand packed pile of partly fermented manure, hay and urine that when thrown out one for full at a time, would drown you in ammonia gases thicker than a good pea soup! After an afternoon of maybe pitching out six spreader loads, your head would be clear as a bell…Gar-an-tee!!

But since the box stall I have now was built so as to be cleaned out by the skid steer, Mr. Katz, you’ll have to settle for my next best thing; a large pile of well cooked calf barn manure laden with straw, while not packed much at all for easy pitchin’, but as I said, well cooked!

Also, since you are not an expert like myself in the world of manure, I will lend you my expert services to run the skid steer, so as you don’t have that throwing part, just place manure in the bucket with your fork, with the three foot handle…

By my figures there is about two loads in the pile, by which time you’ll be hunkie/Dorie. I gar-an-tee it, Sonny!!!


  1. I had to laugh at this, because when I was growing up on a pony farm, the packed manure/straw would get so high by the end of winter that some might have been able to jump over the gate. And yes, it could really clear the sinuses, but often had to go outside to get a good breath. A little embarrassed to admit it, but that’s what was done back then.



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