Rumor or Not!?!

1429sal-ee1849_323972037956058_2436089677592335056_nMs. Sal-ee.

Salespeople stopping by these days are rare while still, next to the milk truck drivers, the best place for the rumor or not portion of farm life. So with both milk being picked up and not one but two salespeople dropping by, I am loaded up!!As to not end up in Crowbar Hotel, the names have been changed or not, possibly omitted but definitely misspelled!!!

First juicy tidbit came fourth hand and was an older generation, now considers their latest big expansion might just have been a little much to hand down to the next generation! So now milking cows to sell milk may not be that gold mine after all. What a thing, Waldo… More juice says processors have started telling farms to curb expansions. Make more milk and we’re not takin’ it…mmmm…This kinda sounds like that Q word in reverse or somethin’ this bumbling igit’s been jumping on the soapbox about, since the days when Mid East oil with OPEC or whatever the;y called themselves ruled the gas pumps!

That old idea of controlling supply in a supply and demand market!

Also heard there is a third wheel buying up land and breaking ground on what may become a complete robotic large dairy in an area which is already heavy with larger dairies. Questions abound on that one, starting with where would the milk go? Well, rumor explanation states the third wheel may have a background in, let’s call it, liquid in a bottle. So far third wheel has rolled doubles on all the adventures. Maybe they’ll give the same answer that the farmer who won the lottery did; Gonna keep farmin’ till I go broke~!

In the or not part, one of our milk truck drivers is going to retire by year’s end. Good Luck with the camera and second career, George…Keep in t ouch…

Also that is a bagger sitting over by where we’re piling silage (oops, Carol already posted about that, but I wrote mine before she did – she is just slow at getting mine up),which we hope to start using tomorrow (already did), In this case a video will be worth a thousand words. StayTunes!!!

Lastly, think a bear has been in the corn so a video showing how much damage they can do is upcoming…

P.S. One of my latest posts had to do with fish being fed by cows! To any one who can look in Lancaster Farming, Sept 17 issue, the editorial comment. Just remember where you heard it first!!!

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