1373Rudy1981_292912507728678_3873566476447244817_oI am thinking Rudy is a she…. (Carol)

This Albert, like my father, lived in Shaftsbury Hollow along the same stretch of road not, not far between the houses they lived in, only in different times! As for me meeting Albert that came when my parents owned the White Creek Store and he would come in a few years older than me…probably mid teens…my mother would comment to my father about this boy with no money staying with his father up in the Hollow, running a tab for food, which he said his father would come and pay.

I can remember her saying he seemed like a lost soul and witnessed him eating the food stuffs he ‘bought’ through the window as soon as he left the store! Knowing he was hungry, she kept him in food until his father finally did show up weeks later!

Being younger, I was never privy to all the hot discussions that went on! What troubles Albert has as a youth drove him to battle the bottle throughout his life! Which, if you ever got to know Albert, was the biggest tragedy to me., of the brightest I have ever known!

I got to see the best and the worst. One time he came pounding on the front door when he had rolled his car over down the road, which with a tractor, I’d go pull it back over on to it’s wheels; then he would crawl under the hood, pour water from a nearby brook in with what motor oil was left, and have the car  running in minutes…Many a bitter cold, snowy night have I driven the tractor, sometimes miles away to pull him out of snow banks!

In between bouts in jail or with the bottle he took old one cylinder engines, beat by time out behind old barns, made what parts he needed and got them running! He taught himself to play a guitar and write songs. Wanting to fly, he took lessons and fulfilled the dream.

Through the years we didn’t keep in close touch but every time I get an idea to make something, I wonder “How would Albert do this?”

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