Got Ya….

1388Checking out the baby...2516_299513693735226_3898741482741474785_nHeifers are curious…

Last night after a good day in the corn field, while doing night chores I noticed ‘Adit’, one of the older holstein cows off by herself in the pasture. Not unusual I thought, until going to get her for milking she had a very sore front foot.

So, after milking, with hoof knife in hand, toting a clean bucket of water, I put a halter on her head, tying her to a pole in the parlor, thinking this way she wouldn’t come ahead and run me over, or back her way out of the parlor, all so I could fix that sore foot!

Cows normally don’t throw their front feet forward high into the air! Remember, I said normally; not the case with Adit!!As I was bending over to pick up her front foot, she lunged forward, twisting her head around while thumping me in the chest with one good left jab, which luckily , pushed me back, cause that lunge she made would have placed her on top of me! But in my reflex to not fall over backwards, I reached out to grab something, which just so happened to be that foot that just clubbed me, poking my fingers right thru that abcess full of blood and puss that h ad formed on the heal of her hoof; that poke relieved her pain!!!!

Then after cleaning up the area with that bucket of warm water, and mixing up a pine tar, bloodstop and salve solution, I packed it in the sore and held it in place with a KoFlex bandage. Must say, it made all those places that hurt feel better as Adit walked out going right up to the bunk to eat!!!

How’s that song go? Dirty deed done up neat?…Sort of…

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