1445in-the-field7296_329135910773004_3498978474210741394_nAs seen through Blue’s dirty window…  (Carol)

Am amazed at the good corn crop along with the fast growing fourth cuttings, while being in the midst of such dry conditions! The rains we’ve gotten have most certainly been at opportune times to give up this bountiful crop right here in my area; while in any direction sot that far away, crops are poor at best.
The last couple of storms have been decent all-nighters, although quite heavy at times showed few mud puddles when morning came. :Those certain places where water normally sits for days or causes those lovely mud bogs become dust bowls again in a couple of days. The brook over in the pasture where our bred heifers roam, although never a roaring rapids, has been not much more than a trickle a first grader could step over with ease.

Not being one who likes snow we would benefit from a winter with average or above snowfall!. Of course if I was asked, it could instead, be a repeat of last winter, with multiple rain events in place of snow storms! It is early yet to read all the signs, however, indications so far leaves me leaning towards another mild type winter, not quite last year, but close with two rough, cold snaps. Remember, it’s early and animals will tell us if we listen with out eyes!

And no, I am not a woodchuck but played one at a party once… These signs mentioned above we’ll get into later in the fall when they’re  much more visible. Carol will take photos or videos if we can, to show what people like ourselves, who deal with Mother Nature every day, look for that give insight in to what possibly may be coming.

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