Road Trip!

14440beanie-and-sadie661_330535173966411_5295543411711476177_nGot room under there for me?

Going north on Route 22, just past the junction of county 68 east, on the right you’ll see ledges rising up close to the road to approx. 130 feet above road level…Now if you have ever been on …I think it is Route 60… coming north in Hamburg, Pa. area, where you pass over 274 (I Think), look up to your left on those ledges and you will see a Cabelas!

Light flash!!!Living in one of New York’s depressed rural areas, why not? Cabelas is an investment which in time brings not only jobs but many support businesses with it. I’ve been to the flagship one in Kansas City, it is awesome… the one built just up the hill east of Wheeling, W.Va. is still being up around. What a contrast you see heading east! At the bottom of the hill is Wheeling; old run down brick buildings…even witnessed people with signs asking for change at a red light… Drive to the top and Cabelas is surrounded by Bob Evans…one of my favorite breakfast destinations…etc…

So why not Cabelas as a destination – day trip – weekend event!!!???


    1. Cabela’s is a really great sporting goods store. Lots of things to look at including a great little yellow airplane hanging from the ceiling. Go to their website and you’ll be surprised. Lots of Mennonite neighbors shop there also. It also has some great restaurants on the second floor and candy and food items to purchase. Been there many times — Love it!!!!



    2. Cabelas is a huge outdoorsman super store. It’s neat. The have tons of taxidermy animals including an elephant and polar bear. It is quite the attraction. I live about 35 miles SE of the Hamburg store and was just there last month. They have outside kennel where your dogs can stay while you shop. And a plus is there is a Russel Stover candy outlet in the same parking lot.



  1. Cabelas is a great place; unfortunately it is near the Lehigh Valley Astronomy Club’s observatory and the lights interfere with observing. Additionally the Appalachian Trail passes by the store and the noise does not help one who is seeking piece with nature. I use to live a few miles east and it was a must stop place for all my outdoor needs.



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