My Farmer and Me –Time is Just Flying By

14479730_331137837239478_8649244184869787883_nSweet Treat Marks the End of Another Season…

Where has the summer gone? I remember thinking back in May, how nice the longer days were going to feel, with the warm sun, a sense of ‘whew, winter is behind us once again’… Seems like yesterday, yet here it is , 4+ months later; shorter and shorter days, cool evenings, and a sense of ‘oh no, winter is just around the corner’.

Have pretty much gotten all there is left in the garden. Because of the garden flooding not once, or twice but three times, pickings were not very fruitful, but am thankful for what we did get. Have some potatoes left, and some tomatoes; didn’t get any carrots, beets or lettuce, and very few cucumbers, which Ed eats as soon as they are picked. Did get some cabbage and cauliflower, though, and peppers did okay.

Oh well! Really don’t understand why the days seem to fly by as I get older, seems like they pass faster and faster. So much I would like to do these days, with cooler evenings. Clean up the garden, paint some of our buildings and just generally spruce up around here. Still have corn to finish and help Jeremy get his done, in return for helping us. But that is how it should be. Farmers helping each other, family or not. We are just fortunate that it IS family; what a perk…

So I suppose I will pick some more raspberries tomorrow, at some point, and maybe they will make it to the house and maybe not. Maybe I will just sit on the Bejosh bench and have a treat. Of course I will share with Ed (if he is within sight) and then will go about our day. One thing at a time…time… it flies by.


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