Out To Eat…Advise!

eating cows
Some Bejosh Farm Ladies!  Enjoying this season’s Hay!
Now, just so everyone knows, I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! Where as eating every day, that I’ve done! To the best of my knowledge, 2 or 3 times a day, my whole life!
So these are pointers for anyone with intentions of starting an eatery or may have one now; this comes with over 60 years experience…
Lets start with taste, Man I don’t care what it looks like, make it taste good. Forget the spritz of this…twig of that…places just so on the plate! You can slap it on a paper plate; keep the fluff and give me more with taste!
Now the place you’re puttin’ this good tasting meal on (table)! Make it bigger than the damned plate you just sat on it! What about my elbows? It’s cold so got my wookie on; it’s not like I’m home and just throw it on the floor. I’m out in public…gotta’ look the savua-fare thing! (Gosh, hope that is right)
Then there’s my feet, size 12, kicking every other leg, stepping on toes. Rubbin’ knees with someone other than Carol! When you place these trays on a stick around the room, leave a road between them not a bike path… Looks like row houses. I live in the country, open space, back forty-forty acres, that is…
So to recap, plane Jane, good tasting food served on paper at a big table for all my junk, with plenty of leg room to stretch; get comfy relax, hmmmm, kinda sounds like home, don’t it?  So that’s why ya go out to eat! Not so bad after all. Home – Comfortable – Home!

One Comment

  1. Amen to that. My husband thinks the same way. After 53 years of daily cooking its nice to get a treat and eat out at a cozy good food place. Us ladies like to get a brake once in a while from cooking so give your loving wife a treat.



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