Record Time–

Team Work is Great!

We started filling the bag last Wednesday, the 21st and finished up on Sunday, the 25th. A record here at Bejosh. Of course it is the first bag we have ever done but it’s still a record…

On Monday we closed the bag up per directions, hopefully until next late winter-early spring.; not sure yet cause still have two fields – strips of corn left, maybe 8 acres! Had two plus loads left in field when the bag was full, so we started another pile. May trade/barter some of what is left with Jeremy; will see what happens.

Had a big tree fallen in one of the fields left, so want down and moved that, hoping the predicted rains move out on Tuesday, which they did.  So finishing up corn here may be only a couple of days away, then with the light frost we had here on Monday night we can start Jeremy’s soon. We both have a long to do list, like most everyone,before seasons change.

Lets pray our breakdowns are minor, the weather acceptable and the harvest continues to be bountiful…

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