More Thoughts to Ponder…

1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nHey there…

If you just got your Oct. 2016 issue of National Geographic, did you catch yourself flipping it over or peeking inside the front cover? I admit I did…

In light of recent events, should the word protest be changed to informational gathering to promote more results, not more of the same?

If you’re diabetic like me and the first two ingredients listed are high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, does your sugar spike???

Is email, texting, tweets, Instagram and the like just the format for the formation of a personal video game in a world with an eight second attention span?

The job/office cubicle is the human equivalent to a crated dog. Why I live this life and my dogs are ‘free range’! Free range eggs, anyone?

If someone eats horseradish can they still call themselves vegetarians?



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