1388Kaylah, Bud and Gwen6516_300423630310899_8955050506036831192_nOur granddaughter Kaylah, her Uncle Bud and Aunt Gwen at Kaylah’s Graduation Party in July.

In the beginning there was five; a mother and father, one daughter and two sons, my brother who turns 71 next Monday and me who turns 64 in late November. He and I are the only ones left in that handful of family.

Bud, my little brother in size anyhow, has become the mirror image of our Father.From the leather hands, to the mannerisms and walk, it is scary in a way. Even knowing he is not into computers and may never see this, Happy Birthday, Bud!

Also, thank you for being an inspiration to work hard toward being a success! You’ve always been someone I could talk to who did listen. It was like you knew of my warped way of looking at the world without judging me; the brother everyone wants!!!

Being a few years apart it’s not like we had double dates. While it sure was fun for me riding to school in your Austin Healy…those bucket seats pretty much sitting on the ground…no heat, so in the winter pulled an Ace Ventura Pet Detective to see…but the best was when you’d tell me to ride the bus home at night on those warm spring days, cause you had to give ‘someone ‘ a ride home. Well, how pissed were you to find me sitting in the passenger seat, even better, how pissed was ‘she’ when I rode straddling the stick shift, as you drove her home, then pounded on me all the way home plus all those haymakers my arms received during chores!

Just part of the training to become ‘The tuff son-er-bitch I be today, with a double row of tits, one on each side’!!! Kinda like our daddy described himself way back when!!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

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