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1444hammmer5974_333173797035882_7930226490825889610_nLook at what I found on top of the fountain…I wonder who may have left it there…But nothing to do with this post!!! (Carol)

Over the last couple of days I have been picking up loose ends on things set aside during corn chopping here, before gearing up again Monday to help do Jeremy’s silage. So for a treat Carol got me a 2.5oz bag of Reese’s Minis unwrapped peanut butter cups. The bright orange color as written on the label is a registered trademark. Also back there by the bar code, just above that trade mark information is the ‘distributed by – of course the Hershey Company in Hershey Pa. – What came next is where my confusion, dismay, distrust and angry sense of what the hell is going on here reached its Red Line!!!

Manufactured in Mexico!!! Say What?? So this means back around 15 years ago when I went through your tourist trap bullshit ride in Hershey Pa. and our personal guide (which I never saw but heard) while riding your train through that slowed up carnival ride in the twisting, turning tunnel with flashing pictures around every corner, much detailing how local milk from the Amish farmer is the backbone of your great candies!

Four of the first seven ingredients listed, contain that four letter word ‘milk’; like Nonfat Milk or Milk Fat… So let me get this straight…all this milk and these milk byproducts from these farms here in Pa. gets what?…taken by truck, train or flown to Mexico , you make these candies, then slap a Distributed by and your name on the bright orange bag and John Q. Public is to believe that is OK??? Well, Not me, this just helps me even more keep my diabetes under control, cause you can take your little orange bag, and like the song says, Shove It!

More and more while reading labels, countries with which we continually have issues wih seem to be our main manufacturing partners as we have become a country of ‘distributed by’, money hungry buffoons, as are our politicians who carry on like middle school kids entering puberty! Pointing and bickering about jobs and immigration, while we get more from reading labels…

So lets just hypothesize and say ‘all’ Hershey candy was made here in Pa, or even the U.S. as a whole; how much would that influence our supple and demand problem? ‘WINK, WINK… Or other changes such as our lenders, instead of having farms borrowing money, increase milk production for ‘cash flow’.

A milk pricing system that includes no production cost, little things like hauling charges! How long does this broken system get a band-aid placed on a missing appendage? In a discussion with Jon Katz, we talked about how some things, even though they are asinine, will never change for many different reasons and people like me keep trying to promote change, but ultimately, life just moves on.  In that, my feelings expressed were only one ; that is all it takes if one person gets it!!!

In my eye, failure and/or wrong is the essence of experience! Use it as a tool, change and grow…

Makes me think it is now October, that month when campaigns should be run, ending on All Hallow’s Eve, so maybe I should declare my run for Prez! How about ‘Lets Move Ahead with Ed” with my first pledge, “I’ll only need four years”. I can see it now, my first announcement photo–Forrest Gump in the scene where , after a discussion with Jenny, he walks onto the front porch of his family home, screen door shutting behind him with hands on hips he says, “I may not be a smart man but I know what love is.”

Well, with a little photo shopping, superimpose me with people out on the lawn, of course the major news networks will be there, as I stand with hands on hips, in my best Forest impression and say, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what WRONG is” as every one chants, “Move ahead with Ed”…

Just in case you may be inclined to cast a write in vote that is’ John Edward Gulley’…Just Saying…



    1. Looks like we should all buy other candy for Halloween and forget about those PB Cups completely. That would certainly make a statement !



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