Hunting Safety–Government Style…

1414Black Vultures1831_316982418655020_6962265282745645674_nBuzzards… can’t shoot them, but they sure are not pleasant to look at up close and personal!!

In conjunction with my recent post on sighting in rifles for the upcoming hunting season, it’s only appropriate that gun safety should be discussed. Just be prepared; this story travels in many directions before we reach what should – if it had only been possible back then -made into a video!

To get all parts in place we must travel back to my young Father…way before me…chopping pulp (for paper), back in the woods by himself. With one mighty Paul Bunyon swipe he took off all of his big toe plus half of the next! Stuffing his one and and a half digits into his pocket he trudged home, then to the doctor’s where , as only my Father Jun could, handed the toes to the doc asking him to sew them back on… After being told that next time??? put them in your armpit to keep ’em warm and get to the office quicker, then maybe.

Needless to say, he ended up with a sew job on his stubs and left with 1 1/2 toes less and went on with life, until WW II came along. He enlisted with the desire to become a tank driver in part due to his desire to drive big equipment, while wrecking shit! Well, much to his displeasure, when he reached Brackettville, Texas, they told him no he couldn’t drive tanks without those toes!!! But because of his farming background they put him in charge of the cattle that supplied milk and milk products to the barracks!

With his work force of seven he became an Army  farmer who also had to go thru many of the same training exercises other troops did! One such included live ammunition, thankfully, only bird shot in a shotgun where the soldiers formed a line about twenty feet apart, walking thru the brushy desert. They were told to shoot all the Cottontail rabbits they flushed out.  Dad said it was a way to get supper when they didn’t have anything else to feed them…

Whether it never happened before or no one was told to just shoot forward, but that soldier walking to my Dad’s left saw that rabbit running to his right just in front of Dad, when he pulled the trigger, spraying lead pellets all over my father’s chest…That chest shot makes me wonder how big that rabbit was…Things turned out fine, they plucked most of the pellets out!

As the years went by some of them rose to the surface  let’s say, so when the story was told, he could show them which was kinda cool! But an Uncle Sam Safety video with that one liner from Hill Street Blues…Hey, let’s be careful out there…Most definitely would have been viral bound!!

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