Still Got It…

Bear on Chestnut Hill
Right beside the road! Awesome! Wonder where it went? Haven’t seen it again all summer…
Thru the years, shooting a rifle has been like many things you do growing up a country kid. In my case it was nothing but a big old single shot 22; the one we used for coon hunting, also my weapon of choice in shooting rats and pigeons that seem to be a constant pest on our farm. Any way, a continuous battle. It’s not like we are overrun with them, but just as we think we’re winning the battle they engage in an offensive in another barn! Keeping flies under control or even mice seems far less intense.
Anyhow, back to the shooting part…that 22 and I worked well together, even my kids can tell stories on my decent shooting ability. Over the past many years it has turned m ore shotgun, just a light duty 20 gauge, while shooting my larger rifle with the nice scope  had become few and far between. I knew it needed to be sighted in, so just haven’t used it. I did mention it to my son Jeremy when he was going to check his guns for upcoming deer season, to let me know, and he could do mine as well. 
So last weekend while in the middle of shortening up my to-do list, Jeremy texted his mother telling her to send me up with my rifle. They were doing his and Jayda’s…my granddaughter who has already gotten two deer in her hunting career…so after finishing up what I was in the middle of, away I went…
When getting to the field they had their guns done. Not wanting to look bad, I told Jeremy the last time I shot it I missed a tree 18″ in diameter @ 50 yards. With this in mind, he shot one round at the target at 200 yds so we could get a place to adjust the scope from. His hit on the target was about 12 wide right and 4″ high which on the adjustments was 16 clicks and 48 click. But because we guessed the 12 and 4″s we went 12 and 40 clicks, went back 100 yards and shot another round hitting about 1″ up and wide left this time from the bulls eye. Jeremy said he thought it was close so we went back to 200 yards and he told me to try it. I shot and YES, BULLS EYE. Left half of the bulls eye but still a bulls eye!!
I guess you could say I’ve still got it…

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