Little Things…

Yeah, I know I’m cute…1447sadie9581_335137166839545_4830397987544837402_nWith only small setbacks so far, like a small drive chain needing to be replaced, then the super-sized drive chain on the bagger needing a new half-link, progress has been the name of the game just two days in on Jeremy’s corn. With luck, field two is done early tomorrow and a combo field of 3-4 should get dented…no pun intended…by days end. Our unofficial goal would be done the 3-4 combo Friday, which would also clean up that side of the road before this weekend when I’ll be at Bedlam Farm Open House.

With Jeremy’s corn being much closer to big woods there has been near damage which we will video for every one early next week…

Other happenings include a possible sale of our young Shorthorn bull “Red” to a fellow farmer who needs a bull to breed heifers. Something no doubt Red will enjoy…

Also been rummaging shop and found possible legs, feet and beak for the peacock so that head needs to show itself now. Plus, for future considerations, I ran into two nice springs which now sit front and center under my shop bench with those visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!! To be Con’t…

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