Ridge Riders…

1444fall-colors0647_335351353484793_7439124442601771213_nFall Colors are beginning to show.

In our annual phone call (on birthdays) to each other, and yes we do also talk and see each other more than once a year, I asked Bud to give me some of his recollections of the Ridge Riders Saddle Club we, as a family, belonged to…My guess at a year we first joined would be in the late ’50’s.

We both remember many horses that came and went, too. My pony Bell who would let me do anything with her.If I fell off she’d come to a dead stop and not move as I crawled in between her legs, using her tail to pull myself up! Then the day came when dad said ‘You’re bigger than that pony, boy, best get you a horse..” Sounded okay, I guess.

We drifted from that story…

We remembered he checked with Bud Mulligan who we thought was the lady and maybe Paul was the man, but we’re sure their western store was on Rte. 40 in the area near the Greenwich Elks building. When they didn’t have any horses Dad thought suitable, he went to see Don Baxter, who at the time, owned Painted Pony Rodeo.

I remember Mr Baxter’s description of Silver, as if it were only yesterday; ‘this horse here, Jun, was as good as any saddle bronc I have and then he just up and quit bucking, so we put him back in the hack string’…those horses people who have never seen or ridden a horse before ride these on trail rides at vacation spots with a supposed cowboy guide, which is most likely a highschool kid hired for the summer…where he’s been nothin’ but an old pet!

As we led him onto the truck Don’s words to me were, ‘you will be just fine; just don’t ever sit or touch him behind the saddle! Sounded okay I guess!

We drifted from that story to his great horse Blaze, which he won about everything you could have with!

The horse, Buck, and how he went over backwards with our father on him! Then how he was sold to Maurice who at the time had a good looking girlfriend at the time, which our father called Quepie Doll!

Many other names from he past as we asked each other, ‘Remember…” Dot and Steve Bouplon, their sons Gary, Ronnie and Wayne; all good horsemen. How about how much Johnny Pierce looked like he rode right out of the Wild West! Those campsites on the Batten-kill River at Pook Gilcrist’s farm! Or going to the original Village Tavern for pizza!! The Christmas parties…

Our memories weren’t crystal clear but rather clearly crystal>>>

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  1. Loved this.., my parents belonged to the grafton trail riders, my late husband knew the mulligan family well, and we were all involved in rodeo, so knew Don Baxter…also, I was one of those “cowgirls” that led the “dudes” on trail rides at Bennetts stable in Lake Luzerne…you brought back a lot of memories with this one….



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