My Farmer and Me–Laugh at Me!!

After attending the Bedlam Farm Open House this afternoon, we came home to do our chores and milk. Of course Ed was the first one to change his clothes and head out to grain the milk cows,etc…and I gave my son Jess’s dog medicine for her dry skin, Lady her insulin shot and Shivers his supper. Then I headed out to do my ‘calf’ chores, if you will…

Imagine my reaction when I went around the corner of the barn and saw Mongo and Ed playing tag in the calf yard! Actually Ed was taunting him into chasing him around his and Tor’s shed. I was quite entertained so I went in and grabbed my phone to video the goings on!

The resulting video isn’t very good, but maybe will give you a chuckle, if only by listening to me giggle!  I just watched it again and couldn’t help but laugh at “my idiot!” (I believe I have called him that on one or two other videos, in the heat of the moment!! Love you, man!)

By the way, the Open House went very well, and we got to see and talk to friends we met at the June event. We had a great time. It is on again tomorrow, also. Lots of things to look at in Maria’s studio, hand made pincushions, paintings, books, potholders and some new art creations. Stop by and meet everyone.


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