My Farmer and Me–Rudy

Picture on the left is of a 3 week old Rudy, who loved to sit on top of his/her lion and watch what was going on out the window. Loved how excited it would get when someone came in and spoke to him.

Remaining 2 photos were taken on Sunday, as some of our Blog followers at Bedlam Farm Open House,  were asking how the turkey was doing. Just thought a picture is worth a thousand words and would show how it was.

So…it is with much sadness that I let you all know that Rudy passed away sometime during the night and I found him early this morning. I was very surprised, as he seemed to be doing fine, except with the leg issue. He used his wings to get him around and seemed happy and healthy.

I have decided to try to get the photo of him on the lion blown up and framed as that is the way I want to remember him. He is buried with his lion along side of Maddie, our crippled chicken that died a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for the opportunity to give you life and am finding solace in knowing you have joined your siblings in turkey heaven…Love you.


  1. Sorry you had to post this news today. Rudy had a short, but good life with caring people to take care of him. Wishing you wind beneath your wings, little Rudy.



  2. It breaks my heart to think that he is gone. You gave him the best life he could have ever had as only you could have provided. I am happy that he is being buried by his little lion and also by the chicken. So sorry for your loss and to all of us who have enjoyed hearing about this little guy.



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