Rabbit Talk…

1451tree9935_337477576605504_7188222976685331709_nOver the weekend at Bedlam Farm Open House, a young lady from Pennsylvania came with her hand spun wool, mohair and angora bunny  and these fingerless mittens! Oh how soft…why Angora rabbit!!!

Which in turn got the questions going on how many rabbits have you got, etc… Then it became my turn and rabbits at one time were my main source of income, in trade for pencils, pens, gum trinkets, next month’s lunch money, or even an IOU to be determined!!

What?you say…Well the year was 1961 I think, maybe ’62 but anyway, the first year the Hoosick Falls Central School opened. I was a 4th grader where every room had a window area to put a display in. Well, our room contained rabbits in it’s display, just about all year! They were all colors, sizes, ages and not one went back home with me!

I sold rabbits for $.15 and a pencil to school kids from 2nd grade to seniors, some teachers, a janitor, secretaries in the principal’s office and even bus drivers!!!

did refuse to take advantage of kindergartners and 1st graders; I did have scruples.Overall it was a very good business venture. Many of those second lunches I never paid for as well as those ice cream cups with the wooden spoons..The pens and pencils lasted for years! Filled a few piggy banks, plus always had change in my pocket! The drawbacks were the aftermath from those phone calls my mother received by irate parents when Johnny came home with rabbits. To this day, I swear, no rabbit went home with anybody without food and sometimes a feeding dish!

Plus, they were informed on how rabbits can become nice house pets, will use a litter box (or do-do is easy to pick up, swept up with a broom) plus just keep some brush or tree branch in the house so they won’t chew on furniture! Now, that sounds as good as any used car dealer I have ever heard and I was a 10 year old entrepreneur!!

I don’t recoollect ever taking any rabbits back but without a doubt all that extra food never helped with me being a diabetic today! But most important, that little country boy showed all those city slickers the commitment it takes caring for animals!!!

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  1. This is the first time I have read your blog. I like it very much. I have been reading Jon’s and Maria’s posts for a few months. I am a great and true admirer of your art, especially your wind chimes. Good idea about the key chime(s). A couple of years ago I found an intriguing key in the street of a rural town in Mendocino County where I live. It was big and heavy and had a number on it that appeared to be a room number. I thought maybe it was an old (or replica) room key. I’m a little weird at times. I liked the key but after awhile began to be bothered by it because I couldn’t discover it’s source or history. I threw it away. What a waste! If I had kept it I could have contributed it to your key chime parts stash. 🙂 Thanks for the blog, the pictures, your lives and art.



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